Engineering Drug Discovery: Process and Passion

Free Public Lecture

Engineering Drug Discovery: Process and Passion

Peter Doherty Institute

Parkville campus

Grattan Street

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Engineering is the application of science and mathematics to solve problems. Drug discovery and development is a challenging undertaking. Recent estimates put the cost at nearly 3 billion US dollars for every new therapeutic that clears the preclinical and clinical hurdles to become registered for use in patients. There is no doubt that the discovery and development of new therapeutics poses problems amenable to scientific and mathematical solutions, but engineering alone is often insufficient to predictably generate solutions. Failures in therapeutic development outnumber successes by manifold. In this scenario there is a role for passion to drive efforts against the overwhelming odds.

Professor Alastair Stewart will discuss recent developments in therapeutics for lung diseases, highlighting the long and precarious path to success, learning from failures and introduce new developments from his group’s work on drugs that target the master regulator of cellular circadian rhythms.

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