A Crash Course in Creativity

A Crash Course in Creativity

This event is part of the Menzies Oration Series

Dr Tina Seelig of Stanford University, has spent 20 years understanding how people become more creative, allowing them to come up with more effective ideas and solutions. For the University of Melbourne 2020 Menzies Oration, Dr Seelig will not only explain how you can become more creative, she will demonstrate it by drawing from the experiences of 80 Melbournians from all walks of life who attended her creative thinking workshop just two days before the oration. Join us in this interactive session to hear from a master in the field of creativity as she shares her thoughts on the importance of creativity and innovation, as well as chairing a live pitching process where the audience will vote on the workshop teams’ responses to the secret challenge given two days before.

Established in 1991, the Menzies Oration on Higher Education at the University of Melbourne honours the late Sir Robert Menzies, whose contribution to the development of universities is among his most remembered achievements as Australian Prime Minister.

PresentersDr Tina Seelig

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