Promising the Future of University Internationalisation


Promising the Future of University Internationalisation

The objectives of this seminar are dual: to launch a new book titled “Measuring University Internationalization: Indicators across National Contexts”, which has recently been published by Palgrave Macmillan in its Palgrave Studies in Global Higher Education series, and to discuss some key issues around the future of university internationalisation.

The seminar will begin with a brief review of the book, which presents Yuan Gao’s doctoral study that conceptualised university internationalisation by considering different national contexts, and developed an instrument to measure university performance in this domain. Following the review, Yuan Gao would like to share her thoughts on the future of university internationalisation, particularly, the fulfilment of universities’ cultural mission in the global era. In what way universities can assist students and staff to develop their cultural awareness and competence is critical to the future of university internationalisation and to achieve the transformation from structural to cultural diversity.

Presenters Yuan Gao

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