Migrating Objects: Ireland and Empire

Free Public Lecture

Migrating Objects: Ireland and Empire

Theatre A
Elisabeth Murdoch Building

Spencer Road, Parkville

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In this lecture, Professor Fintan Cullen will address the issue of how art in Ireland - up to at least the mid-nineteenth century - needs to be seen in terms of Ireland's relationship with England.

Although a range of art productions will be discussed, focus will be placed on the Dublin-born sculptor, John Henry Foley (1818-1874), who worked in London from the age of 16 to his death at the age of 56. By migrating to London, Foley's art can be read as being less local and/or regional, but rather global. In migrating, his subject matter took on an imperialist aspect and his objects became monuments of empire, regardless of whether they represent a British officer or an Irish politician. As some of his most impressive works were made for India, it could be argued that Foley produced art for the world, not just for his home nation.

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