Australian Environmental Histories: Challenging Global Orthodoxies

Free Public Lecture

Australian Environmental Histories: Challenging Global Orthodoxies

South Lecture Theatre
Old Arts Building

The University of Melbourne, Parkville

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Faculty of Arts

Environmental history and the environmental humanities have attracted significant international interest in recent years, with different emphases in different places. Driven by a new sense of urgency created by contemporary environmental crises and greater degrees of interdisciplinary engagement, Australian environmental historians are increasingly crossing established temporal, geographical, cultural and disciplinary boundaries. Australia has been a world leader in the ecological and environmental humanities, and also in teaching Big History, which is strongly environmental in flavour, and inclusive of geological and evolutionary time scales.

In this lecture, we reflect on the state of the fields and explore how Australian environments and their histories challenge global orthodoxies, from wetlands and bushfires to climate change and the Anthropocene.

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