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    Professor Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy is Adjunct Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University and Adjunct Professor in The Cairns Institute at James Cook University. He is the author of The Collective Imagination: The Creative Spirit of Free Societies (2012), Universities and Innovation Economies: The Creative Wasteland of Post-Industrial Society (2015) and Auto-Industrialism: DIY Capitalism and the Rise of the Auto-Industrial Society (2017). His most recent book is Limited Government: The Public Sector in the Auto-Industrial Age (2019).

With Simon Marginson and Michael Peters, he wrote the series of books Creativity and the Global Knowledge Economy (2008), Global Creation (2009) and Imagination (2010), and with David Roberts he co-authored Dialectic of Romanticism (2004). He began exploring the “third way” model of creation in his 2001 work Civic Justice: From Greek Antiquity to the Modern World. Since that time he has written extensively about the idea in journal articles and edited collections including Aesthetic Capitalism (2014) and Philosophical and Cultural Theories of Music (2010). He is currently working on a new book Prosperity.