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    Professor Aleksandar Marsavelski

Aleksandar Marsavelski, PhD, LLM (Yale), Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Croatia. Legal representative in the case of Škorić v. Croatia before the European Court of Human Rights (App. No. 1591/19). After graduation, he worked as junior assistant in the Ministry of Justice of Croatia, and then became was a member of several law commissions in Croatia. Since 2010 he has taught at the University of Zagreb. He earned his LL.M. from Yale Law School, where he served as editor of the Yale Journal of International Law. He received the Max Planck Society's doctoral scholarship in 2014-2015 for his joint PhD at the University of Freiburg (summa cum laude). Since 2014 he has been involved in the TransCrim project. Since 2016 he has been an advisor of the Korean Transitional Justice Working Group, and a foreign secretary general at the Institute of Law, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences in China. In August. 2017 he was an EU visiting fellow at the Australian National University, in May 2018 he was an Erasmus visiting lecturer at the Lomonosov State University, and in September 2018 he was a strategic partnership visiting scholar at the Melbourne University. He is also a collaborator on the Peacebuilding Compared project, and a member of the European Criminology Group on Atrocity Crimes and Transitional Justice (ECACTJ).