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    Mike Grundy

Mike Grundy is a Chief Research Scientist with CSIRO and has been leading the Soil and Landscape Program in CSIRO Agriculture and Food. The Program observes and predicts trends across agricultural landscapes and seeks to understand the interconnection with the wider economy and environment. He has had a key role in the National Outlooks that developed an analytical framework for exploring Australia’s futures.

Mike is also a Director in the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN Landscapes) where he leads teams building information infrastructure for Australia’s ecosystem research and management communities. In the first stage of that work he led the project that developed the Soil and Landscape Grid of Australia.

He has developed a range of new projects in the areas of digital agriculture (with a specific interest in moving to real‐time decision making on farm) and, with the Wentworth Group, has developed new approaches to accounting for the natural environment.

He has been a foundation member of the global Knowledge Systems collaborative and holds leadership roles in global initiatives in soil information and agricultural monitoring. Amongst a range of service roles, Mike served for five years on the Independent Science Panel for the GBR, represents Australia and CSIRO in Global Soil Partnership activities, the governing body for the Knowledge Systems for Sustainability Collaborative, the Gas Industry Science Social and Environmental Research Alliance and the GlobalSoilMap consortium.

He is a Fellow and Honorary Life Member of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology and is pleased to add the Leeper lecture to the Ron McDonald Memorial Lecture and Northcote Lecture.