• Dr Marja Vauras PhD

Her research field is developmental and educational psychology, particularly: the longitudinal development and interplay of cognition, motivation and metacognition, as well as social well-being and social competence, and CSL in remediation, educational interventions and learning environments. Her work has long been focused on sub-performing students, who experience multiple cognitive and motivational problems in school, with the emphasis on interactive, long-term development of cognition and motivation in social interaction. Her research aims at expanding the analysis on complex developmental - learning-related - interactions between cognitive and metacognitive competence, motivation, emotion and social interaction. She is further studying the role of both school- and family-related, social factors contributing to learning and motivational-emotional processes, particularly, in relation to learning difficulties as well as excellence in learning. Her recent work focuses on teacher scaffolding and interpersonal regulation of learning and motivation of students in different domains (reading, mathematics, natural sciences, and veterinary sciences) at different educational levels (early education, primary and high school, university) and in different cultures (Australia, Finland, Sweden, US).