• Ms Madeleine Antonellos

Madeleine Antonellos is studying her PhD within the School of Computing and Information Systems, in the Faculty of Engineering (CIS-ENG), at The University of Melbourne; supported by an RTP Scholarship. Situated in the Interaction Design Lab (IDL), Madeleine is also a Content Writer for the IDL news webpage and Tutor within CIS-ENG, as well as Media and Communication studies, at the University. Madeleine’s research focus is exploring how cosplayers use digital platforms to construct professional identities, and establish career trajectories, in Australia and Japan. Using qualitative-quantitative methods, her project aims to understand the manner by which a person who engages in regular, cosplay-related activities may adapt, mobilise and - in turn - be mediated by digital technologies in pursuit of professionalisation. Madeleine is presenting initial discussions and findings from her research at the upcoming Digital Games Researchers Association of Australia (DiGRAA) conference at the Queensland University of Technology.

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