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    Dr Kate Forbes

Kate Forbes is currently the Director of Innovation at Aesop, where she began in 2000, as the company’s first in-house chemist. In her almost 20 years at Aesop she has led the research and development of new products—conceptualising and formulating new preparations, ingredients and technologies— global product safety and compliance; and the launch of new products and packaging in the marketplace. A key advocate of Aesop’s rigorous approach to scientific enquiry and sourcing of ingredients, she has been involved in the development of more than ninety per cent of the current range, including numerous skin, hair and body care favourites; and the launch of the Fragrance product category. In addition to the product area she has also led the global Marketing area and Sustainability, including the introduction of triple bottom line reporting in the business and serving as a founding board member of the Aesop Foundation. Kate holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Melbourne; the latter complemented by a Diploma of Cosmetic Science from De Montfort University, UK and is currently Studying a Certificate in Corporate Innovation at Stanford Business School