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    Dr Georgina Such

Dr Georgina Such completed her PhD in 2006 from the University of New South Wales. After her PhD, Dr Such commenced postdoctoral work in the Nanostructured Interfaces and Materials Science (NIMS) group headed by Professor Frank Caruso working on polymer nanomedicines. In 2013, she commenced a Future Fellowship in the School of Chemistry, The University of Melbourne, enabling her to start her own research group. Dr Such is now a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne. Her research group works on designing responsive nanomaterials for applications in biomedicine and controlled release. Dr Such has won a number of awards for her research including the 2008 L’Oreal Women in Science Fellowship and the RACI David Sangster Polymer Achievement Award in 2018. Her research interests include self-assembly, nanomedicine and understanding nanoparticle/biological interactions. Dr Such is also a passionate advocate for promoting/encouraging women and girls to continue in science. Therefore, she has recently taken on the role of Associate Dean of Diversity, Inclusion and Women in Science which will allow her to work towards making the Faculty of Science, The UnIversity of Melbourne an employer of choice.