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    Associate Professor Jane McMilan

As a former Canada Research Chair (2006-2016) Dr. McMillan distinguishes herself in two distinct ways: (i) through her deep ethnographic and participatory engagement in Indigenous communities, which is informing public policy and transforming understanding of sustainability through cultural knowledge, and (ii) her national and international collaborative research networks that develop research partnerships, widely disseminate research outcomes, train highly qualified personnel, and build capacity in Indigenous communities and at the university.

Dr. McMillan is a legal anthropologist who conducts and participates in innovative, primarily community-initiated research, focused on the intersections of Indigenous knowledge with community strategies for implementing treaty and Aboriginal rights. Her analytical focus delineates the processes by which Indigenous peoples translate historical and legal identities into contemporary practices. It also identifies how these processes are then legitimated, or not, within emerging economic, political and cultural institutions, as Indigenous peoples negotiate the terms of intergovernmental responsibilities, accountability and sustainability in their efforts to rupture patterns of colonial dependency.