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    Professor Gerry Simpson

Gerry Simpson was appointed to a Chair in Public International Law at LSE in January, 2016. He previously taught at the University of Melbourne (2007-2015), the Australian National University (1995-1998) and LSE (2000-2007), and was an Open Society Fellow between 2003-2008 (based in Tbilisi, Georgia). He is the author of Great Powers and Outlaw States (Cambridge, 2004) winner of the American Society of International Law’s Prize in 2005 and translated into several languages, and Law, War and Crime: War Crimes Trials and the Reinvention of International Law (Polity 2007). He has co-edited (with Kevin Jon Heller) Hidden Histories (Oxford, 2014); (with Raimond Gaita) Who’s Afraid of International Law? (Monash, 2017) and (with Matt Craven and Sundhya Pahuja) International Law and the Cold War *(Cambridge, (2019). Gerry’s current research projects include an ARC-funded project on Cold War International Law (with Matt Craven, SOAS) and Sundhya Pahuja, (Melbourne) and a counter-history of International Criminal Justice. He is currently completing a book called *The Sentimental Life of International Law, about international law’s interior life, and co-writing a study of the Cold War (Lawful Interregnum, forthcoming, Cambridge, 2020). Gerry is a Fellow of the British Academy.