• Kendraparker

    Ms Kendra Parker

Kids’ Cafe – Building a Culture of Healthy Eating Kendra is Principal of Mentone Park Primary School, a medium sized, community-minded school in Melbourne’s Bayside suburb of Mentone. Mentone Park runs a community Kids’ Café, which supports the school’s philosophy of healthy eating, healthy lifestyle. This blends in with their Sustainability program which teaches children about the importance of growing, harvesting and cooking good food whilst sustaining and protecting our environment.

Kendra has worked across different fields of the education spectrum, including adult disability services and education support programs for children in care in the United Kingdom. Her career has been enhanced through liaisons out of the education field, including a stint at the Federal Police (in administration – she didn’t get to carry a gun!) and as a senior policy advisor for Queensland Rail. Her passion however is education and she returned to mainstream primary school teaching in 2001, taking up her current position as principal in 2011. She is relishing her role and the ability to influence systemic improvements in the current climate of transformational change in education.

Qualifications Diploma of Teaching – Melbourne CAE Graduate Diploma of Special Education – Melbourne University Graduate Certificate in Business; Public Policy – Queensland University of Technology

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