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    Professor John Funder

BA MD BS PhD (Melb.) FRACP FRCP LLD (Hon) Monash Professor Funder is a Senior Fellow at Prince Henry's Institute. He joined Prince Henry's Medical Research Centre in 1973 where he went from Senior Research Fellow to Senior Principal Research and Deputy Director. In 1990 he became Director of the Baker Institute in Melbourne. In the wake of the 1999 RALES Trial, John Funder has pioneered a reconsideration of the pathophysiological roles of mineralocorticoid receptors in cardiovascular medicine, and of the roles of aldosterone, cortisol and spironolactone as mineralocorticoid receptor ligands. In 2008 he shared the Novartis Award for contributions to the field of hypertension, and chaired the Endocrine Society Task Force which published guidelines for the diagnosis and management of primary aldosteronism in the same year 2009. Now in active retirement, he no longer has a laboratory, fellows or students, but a series of collaborations within and outside Australia. In addition, he has continued to write reviews, position papers and editorial commentaries in cardiovascular endocrinology and other areas.

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