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    Mr Ray Moynihan

Ray Moynihan is a multi-award winning Australian researcher, health journalist, documentary-maker and author. He is currently a columnist for the BMJ and is undertaking a PhD on how to prevent the modern epidemic of over-diagnosis.

Other Appointments and Qualifications: Ray has previously worked as an investigative journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Australian Financial Review. He is currently a correspondent for Radio New Zealand and a conjoint lecturer at the University of Newcastle. His stories regularly appear in the BMJ, The Australian, Crikey and the ABC. In 1995 he was the co-recipient of the Peter Grieve Award for medical journalism and in 1996 he received the Michael Daley Award for excellence in science journalism. He was awarded a Harkness Fellowship in health care policy between 1998-1999. Mr Moynihan graduated with an arts degree in 1984.

Influence: The author of four books on the business of medicine, Mr Moynihan has an international reputation for investigating the corrupting influences within health systems. His 1996 publication, Too Much Medicine? explored the shift towards the use of evidence-based medicine and some of the commercial imperatives operating within and upon the medical profession. He completed a three part television series, based on the book which included interviews with those at the forefront of evidence-based medicine.

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