• Mrs Swati Chatuverdi

Swati Chaturvedi has been an award winning investigative journalist for more than 20 years. Until recently she was the Deputy Editor of Zee News and hosted one of India's longest running and popular shows, Kahiyeh Janab. This prime time programme ran non-stop for more than four years. Swati's hard-hitting interviews held top political leaders to account and generated many news stories in India and overseas.

Before she switched to 24-hour Hindi news, Ms Chaturvedi made a significant contribution to India’s leading English newspapers, breaking major stories exposing corruption in high places, national security issues, and economic and political scams. She has held senior positions with The Indian Express, Hindustan Times and The Statesman. A number of her stories have also appeared in The Tribune.

Swati Chaturvedi is currently on sabbatical leave, working on two novels commissioned by Penguin. She lives and works in New Delhi.