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    Professor Ratna Kapur

Ratna Kapur is the Global Professor of Law, Jindal Global Law School, Sonepat, (NCR-Delhi) and a Senior Faculty member of the Global Law and Policy Institute, Harvard Law School. She has been a Visiting Professor at a number of law schools around the world including Yale Law School; NYU School of Law; Georgetown University Law Centre; United Nations Peace University (Costa Rica); Department of Law, Zurich University; and the National Law School of India University, (Bangalore). She has also held other distinguished positions including as Senior Gender Advisor to the United Nations Mission in Nepal; the Distinguished Chair in Human Rights at Dalhousie School of Law, Nova Scotia; and Distinguished Reserach fellowship at the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship, in New York. Kapur has published extensively on issues of human rights, postcolonial theory and feminist legal theory. Her books include Makeshift Migrants and Law: Gender, Belonging and Postcolonial Anxieties (Routledge 2010); Erotic Justice: Law and the New Politics of Postcolonialism (Glasshouse Press, Cavendish Publishers, 2005); Secularism’s Last Sigh? (co-authored, Oxford University Press, 2001); and Subversive Sites: Feminist Engagements with Law in India (co-authored Sage, 1996). Her current book project is a critique of human rights and the pursuit of freedom that is confined within a liberal imaginary. She argues in favour of a delinking of freedom from human rights and explores the possibilities of realizing freedom through other non-liberal philosophical traditions.