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    Mr Tim Winton

Multi-award winning Australian author of titles such as The Riders, Dirt Music, Shallows and Cloudstreet.

Winton is actively involved in the Australian environmental movement. He is a patron of the Australian Marine Conservation Society and is passionately involved in many of their campaigns, notably their work in raising awareness about sustainable seafood consumption.

He is a patron of the Stop the Toad Foundation and contributed to the whaling debate with an article on the Last Whale website. He is also a prominent advocate of the Save Moreton Bay organisation, the Environment Defender’s Office, the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the Marine Conservation Society, with which he is campaigning against shark finning.

In 2003, Winton was awarded the inaugural Australian Society of Authors (ASA) Medal in recognition for his work in the campaign to save the Ningaloo Reef.

In 2016, Winton had a species of fish from the Kimberley region named after him. The fish one of 20 new species discovered by researchers from the University of Melbourne School of BioSciences.