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    Claire Vishik

Claire Vishik's work at Intel focuses on hardware security, trusted computing, privacy enhancing technologies, some aspects of cryptography and related global policy issues. Claire is a member of the Permanent Stakeholders Group of ENISA, the European Network and Information Security Agency, Council member for the Information Security Forum, and is an advisor for numerous R&D and strategic initiatives in Asia, Europe and the US. She is active in standards development and R&D strategy and is on the Board of Directors of the Trusted Computing Group and TDL (Trust in Digital Life), a co-chair of NIST Cyber-Physical Systems initiative and active in similar efforts. Claire received her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining Intel, Claire worked at Schlumberger Laboratory for Computer Science and AT&T Laboratories, studying security, electronic commerce, and other aspects of Internet and computing technologies. Claire is the author of numerous peer reviewed papers and book chapters and inventor on 30+ pending and granted US patents.