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    Christine Kenneally

Christine Kenneally wrote The Invisible History of the Human Race: How DNA and History Shape Our Identities and Our Futures, about which The New York Times said: "The breadth of this book; its abundance of enthralling accounts and astonishing science; its adept, vivid writing; and Kenneally’s exquisitely calibrated judgment make it the richest, freshest, most fun book on genetics in some time." Kenneally is an award-winning journalist and author who has written for The New Yorker, The New York Times, Slate, Time, New Scientist, The Monthly, and other publications. She also wrote The First Word: The Search for the Origins of Language, a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. Before becoming a reporter, she received a PhD in Linguistics from Cambridge University and a B.A. (Hons) in English and Linguistics from Melbourne University. She is currently a contributing editor for Buzzfeed News and lives in Melbourne.