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    Professor Julie Willis

Professor Julie Willis is an authority on the history of Australian architecture 1890-1950 and has undertaken significant projects researching the development of modern hospital architecture in Australia; the importance of small public buildings in community and civic identity; architecture during wartime and its subsequent impact on practice and production; and the embodiment of nationalism and identity in Australian government architecture.

She is currently involved in major projects examining the development of innovative school architecture in Australia; and equity and diversity in the Australian architectural profession. With Professor Philip Goad, she is Editor of the Encyclopedia of Australian Architecture (Cambridge University Press, 2012, 832pp), to which she contributed 10% of the entries as author.Her work on the history of women architects in Australia garnered significant attention, being awarded a commendation in the category of Best Art Book Published in 2001, by the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand, the National Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media in 2002, and named a Year of the Built Environment Exemplar in 2004. Julie is past editor of the refereed journal Fabrications and now a Chair of its editorial board, and a member of the advisory board of Architectural Theory Review.