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    Dr Shane Chalmers

Shane Chalmers is a McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow in the Institute for International Law and the Humanities at Melbourne Law School. He researches, writes and teaches on law, imperialism and social justice through various combinations of critical theory, cultural studies, history, and philosophy.

He is currently working on a book that uses the Bakhtinian figures of the Fool, the Clown, and the Rogue to retell a critical history of colonial law and society in southern Australia in the mid-nineteenth century. Before that, Shane completed a PhD at the Australian National University, which culminated in the book, Liberia and the Dialectic of Law: Critical Theory, Pluralism, and the Rule of Law (Routledge, 2018), bringing Theodor Adorno’s dialectical philosophy to bear on the making and re-making of Liberia as a freedom project.