RetroSuburbia: Action, Resilience and Alternative Solutions

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RetroSuburbia: Action, Resilience and Alternative Solutions

Japanese Room, 4th Floor
Melbourne School of Design, Masson Rd


University of Melbourne

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David Holmgren, co-originator of the permaculture concept, will be discussing how permaculture perspectives and practices can be used to retrofit the suburbs for a resilient future.

His new book RetroSuburbia describes the designs that Australian householders can use to live well today while reducing debt by making better use of their house, growing food and other activities that kick-start the household non-monetary economy to become more productive and resilient.

By focusing on what households, rather than community or government, can do, this approach promises more immediate rewards. In the process, Australian suburbs, as well as regional and small towns, can be transformed to become productive and resilient landscapes with a renewed community economy.

Presenters David Holmgren

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