Global Challenges in Adolescent Health short course


Global Challenges in Adolescent Health short course

Room 403
Doug McDonell

Parkville campus

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A five-day intensive short course focusing on the four key health issues of global significance for young people: sexual and reproductive health; mental health – including suicide prevention; alcohol and substance use; and violence.

The course explores the extent, impact, causes and responses to these issues across different cultures and in societies characterised by varied levels of economic development. In examining these key health concerns, the course engages with cross-cutting issues shaping adolescent health and wellbeing globally such as: inequity; disability and inclusion; displacement; and gender identities and relations. The course takes a strengths-based approach that identifies the exceptional opportunities that adolescence represents for the adoption of positive behaviours and lifestyles that can lead to life-long health benefits, while also interrogating the key health challenges faced by young people and their communities.

This course is delivered in a highly interactive format, with a combined focus on knowledge acquisition, critical thinking and skills development. The course is coordinated and delivered by a team of internationally recognised experts in adolescent health, who draw on contemporary case studies and research to ground the course content and skills development in real world contexts.

This course is suitable for students or early-mid career professionals with an interest or experience in global health, particularly in the area of adolescent health.

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