Medieval and Renaissance Ensemble


Medieval and Renaissance Ensemble

Hanson Dyer Hall
The Ian Potter Southbank Centre

Southbank campus

43 Sturt Street, Southbank

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

This Montpellier Codex and lavishly decorated manuscript is a repository of 345 works which reveal the development and popularity of a new style of compositions called the motet. The multi-layered texts of these works reveal much of what life was like in the late 13th century at the University of Pris, one of the first institutions of its kind in Europe. The texts refer to political intrigue, forbidden love, student carousing and drinking and calls of the street vendors selling their wares, such as fresh strawberries. These were heady days for intellectual thinkers and the songs are described as 'feasts for the learned' by prominent theorist of the day Johannes Grocheio.

Directed by J Ruth Wilkinson and John Weretka.

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