The Pacific Alliance: Assessing the Institutional Framework and Designing Reforms for Long-Term Consolidation


The Pacific Alliance: Assessing the Institutional Framework and Designing Reforms for Long-Term Consolidation

Room 920, Level 9
Melbourne Law School

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The Pacific Alliance (PA) presents itself as a sui generis mechanism for regional integration comprising Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. This seminar will examine the main institutional features of the PA, the factors that explain these institutional choices and to what extent its institutional framework is suitable to support the objectives of the PA in the long-term. Ana argues that the PA is not a sui generis institutional model of economic regionalism. The PA’s decentralised organisational structure and informal approach to institutional development do not equip it with the distinctiveness that governments claim. Although there is extensive literature comparing regionalism projects in Latin America to the European Union ‘model’, this presentation will attempt to provide an analytical framework for understanding the PA’s institutional design in its own right.

Based on insights from new institutionalisms – constructivist and rational institutionalism – and doctrinal and empirical analysis, the presentation will take an interdisciplinary approach to explore the institutional dimension of the PA. The presenter maintains that, as the PA evolves, the development of regional policies and regional public goods, as well as regulatory harmonisation and convergence, will require institutional adjustments to deal with the tasks of (i) decision making; (ii) administration; (iii) monitoring; (iv) information production and management; (v) enforcement; and (vi) dispute resolution.

This has significance for policy entrepreneurs, government officials and academics by mapping and explaining the institutional approach taken by the PA architects, how it has evolved and the benefits and shortfalls arising from it. These proposals are a tool to inform policy decisions regarding institutional changes to the PA, and should be used to test rational and constructivist insights from institutionalisms.

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