Theban Dolls – 2019 VCA Master of Directing for Performance Graduate Season


Theban Dolls – 2019 VCA Master of Directing for Performance Graduate Season

Martyn Myer Arena
Foyer entry via Lionel's Cafe


Grant Street, Southbank VIC 3006

Booking not required

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

The god of wine and theatre, Dionysus, has returned to his birthplace with a hedonistic band of glitter-clad disciples, and the King will do anything in his power to stop them.

As this timeless clash of old and new, establishment and subversion, comes to a head, the entire kingdom of Thebes will be caught in the crossfire.

Featuring 15 actors from across VCA’s Acting companies, graduating Production students and original songs written and performed by graduates of the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Theban Dolls is an epic collision of rigorous dialectic and decadent spectacle.

Written and directed by Saro Lusty-Cavallari.

Assistant Director – Caitlin Overton. Production Designer – Carmody Nicol. Lighting Designer – Lachlan McLean. Stage Manager/Production Manager – Geetanjali Mishra.

With: Rose Adams, Tamara Bailey, Leela Bishop, Meg Dunn, Myffy Hocking, Kevin Hojerslev, Jessa Kocic, Benjamin Olds, Kurt Pimblett, Esther Randles, James Reiser Indey Salvestro, Mia Tuco and Jonah Winkler.

Original Music by The Liars of Orpheus. Lyrics by Saro Lusty-Cavallari.

The Liars of Orpheus are Elijah Bradbury (Drums), Imogen Cygler (Keyboard), Samuel Kreusler (Guitar) and Jaspar Robinson (Bass).

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