Opportunity for Professional Development (Online): Planetary and Global Health


Opportunity for Professional Development (Online): Planetary and Global Health

Improving global health in the long term requires a deep appreciation of the impact of environmental issues at local, national and global scales. To facilitate depth of learning, this course focuses on three key public health threats that require complex multidisciplinary solutions, which are: climate change; poor sanitation and water security; and nuclear weapons.

Participants of this course will explore these interrelated planetary challenges, their profound implications for population health, and the demand for high level integrated problem solving in the coming decades. Participants will become familiar with and critique relevant policies and international agreements pertaining to environmental health. Participants will also learn to identify complex systems and barriers implicated in processes of responding to environmental challenges on global, national and local scales. This course involves interactive sessions and is facilitated by internationally recognised experts in this field.

No prior knowledge required.

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