Smartphone - The Centrepiece of mHealth Reality


Smartphone - The Centrepiece of mHealth Reality

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The capabilities of Smartphone platforms will play major roles in driving the practicality of mHealth applications, which are expected to impact prevention and treatment methods in diverse medical fields. This talk opens the concept of Mobile Health (mHealth) from the biomedical applications, Quality of Service (QoS), security, and cloud computing perspectives. The number of operational mobile subscribers is expected to pass the 6 billion mark by mid 2012 and the number of wearable wireless sensors is expected to grow to 400 million by the year 2014. Such a tremendous growth in the mobile space will result in an increasing number of mobile-based applications deployments, such as: Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, Electronic-Health (eHealth), and Mobile-Health (mHealth). These emerging mobile applications will require 3G and 4G mobile networks for biomedical data transport, including establishing, maintaining, and transmitting health-related information, research, education, and training.

PresentersDr Sasan Adibi

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