Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks


Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks

Brown Theatre, Level 1
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Building, Building No. 193

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In this seminar, Athipat Limmanee will first give a brief summary of transmission power allocation policies in various types of cognitive radio networks when the QoS of the delay-sensitive primary link is protected by primary outage constraint (POC). He will mainly focus on the optimal power allocation policy such that maximizes the ergodic sum downlink capacity in cognitive broadcast networks subject to POC and power constraints. Athipat will also present the asymptotic scaling laws for the ergodic sum downlink capacity according to the optimal power policy.

Inefficiency of spectrum usage has become one of the main concerns in wireless communications technology as most of the exclusively allocated spectrum remains underutilized by licensed/primary users. Cognitive radio technology is regarded as one of the most promising solution to the spectrum underutilization as unlicensed/secondary users (SUs) are allowed to use the same spectrum with PUs as long as the quality-of-service (QoS) of the primary transmission is protected.

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