Spilt coffee, cold waveguides and hot gratings


Spilt coffee, cold waveguides and hot gratings

Level 4 Meeting Room
Walter Boas Building (Buidling 163)

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It’s often said some of the best ideas come from spilt (or thrown) coffee. In this talk Professor Canning will show you how contemplation over spilt coffee (at least high quality grade!) has helped to open up a new area of photonics that potentially allows room temperature fabrication of silica optical waveguides and what this means. The heart of the process is really about understanding materials and what might be possible with them. To further demonstrate how new tricks with old materials can actually be useful, he’ll go from cold fabrication of waveguides to high temperature fabrication of fibre gratings – ones that can reach over 1200C operation opening new frontiers in optical diagnostics for extreme or harsh environments. Examples include measuring the actual temperatures involved in optical fibre ferrule preparation through to optimising the performance of diesel trains carrying coal and other goods. This was only possible by ignoring all the nonsense on glass photosensitivity being regurgitated repeatedly in the literature as if we don’t understand what’s really going on!

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