Impact of Local Storages on Power Performance of PONs


Impact of Local Storages on Power Performance of PONs

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The next Photonics & Electronics Lab Seminar will be presented by RHD student, Sandu Abeyrickrama. This seminar is a conference practice talk for the Photonics Global Conference.

IImplications of implementing a local storage within Passive Optical Networks to enhance Video-on-Demand delivery are critically examined in this work. We have previously conducted packet level simulations in order to study enhancements of Quality of Service attributes. Two architectures where the Passive Optical Network is equipped with and without a local storage server were simulated to study the behavior of packet delays. In this work, power consumption models for the mentioned two architectures are formulated to study the impact on network operational power requirement by the addition of local storage equipment. We present simulation results and findings of numerical analysis of power consumption models to study the trade-off between enhanced performances versus increased power requirement.

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