NeuroEngineering Lab Seminar - Prof. Steven Schiff


NeuroEngineering Lab Seminar - Prof. Steven Schiff

Main Conference Room (ground floor).
The Center for Neural Engineering (UoM building number 261)

203 Bouverie St, Carlton

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T: (03) 8344 6606

The NeuroEngineering Laboratory Seminars recommence for 2013 with a guest speaker from Pennsylvania State University, Prof. Steven Schiff. This promises to be an excellent seminar so anyone interested is encouraged to attend.

Title: Adventures in Control Theory: Hydrocephalus, Seizures, Climate, Dung, and the Neonatal Septisome

Abstract: Modern model-based control theory brings us optimal estimation of state of dynamical systems, even when those dynamics are floridly nonlinear as in many biological processes. Because our understanding of biology and disease has only relatively recently given us models of sufficient fidelity to warrant inclusion in control models, and because the engineering methods to incorporate complex nonlinear models are also recently developed, there are vast applications to consider exploring. This talk will explore the use of particle filters to perform complex navigation of medical images, with new observations of the role of brain growth dynamics and symmetry in the optimization of treatment for hydrocephalus and epilepsy. This talk will also further describe the recent finding of the link between climate and infant infections leading to hydrocephalus in sub-Saharan Africa, and how control theory may apply to optimizing both treatment and public health policy for prevention.

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