The Climate Commission would like to invite you to join other community leaders at a presentation about the links between climate change and extreme weather events. Extreme weather events, including heatwaves and heavy rainfall and consequent flooding, can have devastating and costly effects on communities. Areas across Australia have experienced the harsh realities of some of these events over summer and in recent years.

Join Climate Commissioners Professors Tim Flannery and Will Steffen to hear how a changing climate is increasing the frequency and severity of extreme events, and what the future may look like. This presentation will include a briefing on the Climate Commission’s recent report The Angry Summer and a new, more detailed report about extreme weather. There will be an opportunity for questions and to share with colleagues and the Commissioners your perspectives on the impacts on communities in Melbourne and beyond.

Climate Commission's Extreme Weather Report - Community Forum



Room/theatre: Theatrette 1, Room G73
Building: University of Melbourne (Building 260)
Address: 200 Berkeley Street, Carlton

Further Information

Phone: 0407 825 046