The Importance of Being Roman

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The Importance of Being Roman

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What did it mean to be Roman in the ancient world, why did it matter in antiquity, and how might the study of the Roman empire benefit the modern world? We will explore some of the very different ways in which groups and individuals in the Roman empire imagined and acted out what it was to be Roman and what Roman power meant to them.

At the same time, we will consider how far the case of Rome offers us a useful perspective on some of the issues that are of most concern in our own societies, such as the meaning of citizenship in a global world, the interaction between the global and the local, and when and where to anticipate challenges to sovereignty.

Emma Dench was educated at the University of Oxford (BA Hons. Literae Humaniores and D.Phil. in Ancient History). She was appointed Professor of the Classics and of History at Harvard University in 2006. She has been a Rome Scholar at the British School at Rome, a Member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, and a Visiting Professor at Harvard.

Her most recent book is Romulus’ Asylum: Roman Identities from the Age of Alexander to the Age of Hadrian (Oxford UP, 2005), and she is currently completing Imperialism and Culture in the Roman World (Cambridge UP).

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