Big data: where are the statisticians?

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Big data: where are the statisticians?

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Theatre
Building 165, Monash Road

University of Melbourne

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Unless you have been living on another planet, you will have seen something about Big Data in the last few days, weeks and months. If you haven't dismissed it as largely hype, as some, perhaps many statisticians have, then it might occur to you that there ought to be a place for statisticians in all this activity. If you investigated further, and looked more closely, you would quickly conclude "apparently not." The recently announced Centre of Excellence directed by Professor Peter Hall is a notable exception In this talk, Professor Speed will give some more details to support these observations, speculate on the causes, and ask you whether statisticians should change themselves and then, possibly, change this situation so that they really participate in Big Data. Or, perhaps they should do nothing, and hope it will pass.

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