Health Program Evaluation Short Course: Scoping the Evaluation Plan


Health Program Evaluation Short Course: Scoping the Evaluation Plan

Graduate House, University of Melbourne
220 Leicester Street


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This course is designed for those who are involved in the development of evaluation frameworks, guidelines or plans for programs or projects in the public health field. Program planners and implementers are often faced with the task of having to choose the most appropriate evaluation approach and the criteria by which to judge a program. Planning, negotiation, selecting evaluation questions and indicators, and modelling the program logic are integral components of this task. It is in these areas that this course is concentrated.

Participants do not require any background training or knowledge of evaluation, however, experience or knowledge of health programs would obviously be an advantage.

The first two days involves interactive class presentations and hands-on activities. On the third day, participants will work towards developing a program logic and evaluation plan for a program of their selection. Participants will have the opportunity to work on a program that they are involved with in the workplace – in groups or on their own. The course is fully catered and class materials will be provided on the day.

PresentersDr Helen Jordan

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