Caucasian Chalk Circle


Caucasian Chalk Circle

Studio 4
Theatre Building

Dodds Street, South Melbourne

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

A play by Bertolt Brecht

Years of civil war changes the lives of many for the worse. Grusha, a kitchenmaid rescues the baby son of the governor after he has been abandoned by his mother. Evading the pursuing troops, Grusha treks through the mountains, finds shelter with her brother and is forced into marriage with a supposedly dying farmer. Eventually the child is reclaimed by the opposition soldiers and the play’s second half focuses on the story of Azdak, a village clerk turned judge, who is forced to arbitrate on whether the child belongs to Grusha or the governor’s wife.

Director: Michael Kantor Design: Nathan Burmeister Costume Design: M'ck Mckeague

Performance season
5-6 May & 8-11 May, 7:30pm; 6 May, 2pm

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