Endothelial cell death in blood vessel growth and regression


Endothelial cell death in blood vessel growth and regression

Davis Auditorium
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute


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Dr Leigh Coultas’ laboratory investigates the molecular regulation of angiogenesis, the growth and remodelling of blood vessel networks. While angiogenesis is essential for normal animal growth and development, inappropriate activation of angiogenic vessel growth can causes or contribute to cancer and a spectrum of vision-impairing retinal diseases. Vessel regression by contrast has an integral role in shaping growing vessel networks during normal vascular development and reducing vessel density in contexts of disease, in response to insult or in response to anti-angiogenic agents. Dr Coultas’ research is mainly focused on understanding apoptosis control in the vasculature with the purpose of identifying novel ways to manipulate vascular growth or regression for potential therapeutic benefit. In this talk, Dr Coultas will outline his laboratory’s discoveries on the role of the BCL2 family in controlling endothelial cell apoptosis during angiogenic vessel growth and regression. He will cover the requirement for MCL1 in angiogenic vessel growth then discuss the contribution that endothelial cell apoptosis makes to vessel regression, both during normal vessel development and following vessel-damaging insults that cause tissue ischemia.

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