5 Elements – Riley Lee and Enigma Quartet


5 Elements – Riley Lee and Enigma Quartet

Melba Hall


Royal Parade

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

MCM Lunch Hour Concert Series

5 Elements is a new collaborative project between world renowned shakuhachi master Dr Riley Lee and the Enigma Quartet, who have commissioned some of Australia’s most interesting and original compositional voices to create new music for this incredible combination of Eastern and Western instruments.

5 Elements refers to the ancient Eastern description of the fabric of the natural world. It was thought that all natural phenomena is comprised of just five fundamental elements; water, earth, fire, air and ether. Each of the pieces in 5 Elements represents or is inspired by one of these elements.

Composers who have been invited to create new works include Katy Abbott, Stuart Greenbaum, Ross Edwards, Gerard Brophy, Anne Boyd, David Hirschfelder, Holly Harrison and Andrew Howes. Each composer has chosen to explore a different aspect in relation to each element.

Please note, the performance commences at 1.10pm.

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