Soils as Living Systems

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Soils as Living Systems

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The Professor GW Leeper Memorial Lecture

Australian soils have formed on a contrasting geological landscape and in Western Australia ancient, highly weathered, lateritic landscapes dominated by kaolinite predominate. Western Australia’s wheat belt sits on the Yilgarn Craton, one of the world’s oldest land masses where extensive and prolonged weathering of the underlying parent material has given rise to infertile soils deficient in essential elements such as phosphorus, molybdenum, zinc and copper. Extensive weathering of these parent materials can also result in soils that are acidic, high in available iron and deficient in copper.

In this presentation, Professor Tony O’Donnell will discuss the impact of these distinct soil physiochemical properties on the structure and functioning of the soil microbiome in Western Australia and show how some of the key biogeochemical processes that support plant growth really can be different in the West.

The Professor G.W. Leeper Memorial Lecture is an annual public lecture hosted by the Victorian branch of Soil Science Australia and the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.

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