End-to-End Encryption and Interception

Free Public Lecture

End-to-End Encryption and Interception

Herbert Wilson Theatre
Doug McDonell


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This panel discussion will address the Australian government's proposal to insist on government access to encrypted data.

The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Attorney General George Brandis want to introduce laws that would compel technology companies to ensure their systems are capable of recovering terrorists’ communications. Currently, there is very little publicly available information about how this will be achieved.

A panel of experts will explore what the proposal is, how it relates to the UK Investigatory Powers Act (on which it might be based), and what the unintended consequences might be. We'll review significant historical cases such as the Apple-FBI case, and some important failures such as the FREAK attack and the Wannacry ransomware.

This event will be an important contribution to the broader public conversation about how law enforcement agencies can be equipped with the tools they need to keep Australians safe, while ensuring protections are maintained to ensure the security of citizens' data.

Moderated by Suelette Dreyfus.

The panelists:

  • Fergus Hanson, head of the international cyber policy centre at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute,
  • Scott Ludlam, former WA Greens Senator and deputy leader of The Greens,
  • Vanessa Teague, cryptographer in the department of computing and information systems, University of Melbourne.

This event is partially supported by CryptoParty Melbourne, Ruxcon security conference and Blueprint for Free Speech.

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