LaTeX Beginners Workshop


LaTeX Beginners Workshop

Colab Training Room #329, Level 3
Eastern Resource Centre


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Have you ever tried to write a large document, only to find your conventional word processor can’t keep up? Are you looking for a better way to handle your references? Do you have special typesetting requirements, such as heavy use of mathematical notation, and you need it to look professional?

LaTeX is a mark-up language focused on beautiful typesetting, and handles large, complex documents with ease. It is a standard tool in scientific and technical research fields, and is well-suited to the needs of people in the humanities.

This free workshop will provide a gentle introduction to basic LaTeX usage, with a focus on thesis and article typesetting. You will leave with a LaTeX template that you can adapt for your own work.

Please bring with you: a laptop with internet access and a web browser; a laptop charger; a ShareLaTeX account, which you can create for free by clicking ‘Register’ at and supplying an email and password. (Note: currently, the University of Melbourne has a ShareLaTeX licence, so registering with a valid @unimelb email address will give you a free account upgrade.)

You are not required to have any additional software nor prior knowledge of LaTeX or programming.

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