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17 Mar 2012

Voice Workshop with Frankie Armstrong

A pioneer of voice work based on traditional styles of singing, Frankie Armstrong has been running workshops in Britain, Europe, North America and Australia for several decades.Her workshops are for singers and nonsingers alike (ie. actors) the aim is to do away with this distinction and are inspired by cultures where everyone sings as naturally as they talk. While not aiming to have everyone become a "singer", the workshops offer the opportunity for people to explore and enjoy using their ...


11 Apr 2012

Choreographic Masterclass with Prue Lang and Mathieu Briand

EMBODIED ART: Interdisciplinary workshopComing from two different disciplines (contemporary dance and art), Prue and Mathieu's common fascination is the infinite act of creation. In a sense interdisciplinary involves approaching a subject from various angles and methods, eventually cutting across disciplines and forming a new method. This new method for understanding the subject is an important part of their creative practice and the focus of this workshop.The workshop begins by looking at th...

15 Mar 2012

Weekly Art Forum Series

The School of Art is pleased to invite you to attend this semester's weekly Art Forum Series. Every Thursday from 12.30pm a guest speaker will present in the School of Art Auditorium. Come along, bring your lunch and engage in the question and answer session following. 15 March: ALEKS DANKO 22 March: PETER HILL 29 March: KATIE LEE 5 April: HELEN HUGHES 19 April: AMY MARJORAM 26 April: SIRI HAYES 3 May: MATHIEU BRIAND 10 May: RICARDA BIGOLIN 17 May: TOM NICHOLSON 24 May: LANE CORMICK

09 Oct 2013

Divided We Stand: Why Inequality Keeps Rising - the Corden Lecture 2013

Presented by Professor John P. Martin, Former Director for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, Organisation for Economic CoOperation and Development (OECD). Inequality has been rising in most developed countries over the past 23 decades. This trend has recently become the focus of much social discontent and highlevel political concern, not only because of its possible effects on economic growth and poverty but also because it is widely seen as being unfair. Drawing upon a recent OECD publ...


27 Apr 2016

The Role of Science in Climate Policy

This seminar will provide insight into life at the sciencepolicy interface through the eyes of a government science adviser. Jolene Cook, a member of the EU and UK delegations to the UNFCCC, will explain how scientific evidence is delivered to UK and EU climate policymakers and finds its way into the international climate negotiations, with a focus on the longterm temperature goal of the Paris Agreement. Please note that this seminar is held under Chatham house rules in the personal capaci...


17 Jun 2016

International climate policy to make the Paris Agreement a success

The real work is just beginning: Professor Ottmar Edenhofer explores the issues for international climate policy “postParis”. The Paris Agreement could be a milestone for international climate diplomacy if the introduction of effective tools succeeds. National minimum prices for CO2 emissions combined with international climate finance could be a way to put the Paris Agreement into practice. Keywords in this context are the global carbon budget, two degrees target, the need for negative emiss...